WORDS: Escape into Blue


The striations of rusty steel ceded

a raspy groan as we climbed the floors.

Last fall, I was walking through the engineering quad and stumbled upon this colossal fire escape on the back of Hollister hall-- what intrigued me was the directionality of the structure, the directionality of its escape. I envisioned the fiery leaves of descending in fall and how that contrasted the staircase’s intention. It is inherently an escape downwards, away from a fire, however, a different kind of blaze (of leaves) forms on the ground come fall. In this way, the stair’s function reverses; instead, the escape is upwards, away from the traces of dying foliage. This parallels another realm of escapism within the human condition; the constant defiance of death, our escape into what it means to be alive. Thoughts and ambitions are the greatest liberation and escape; lifting us away from the fragility of life into the permanency of ideas, connection and impacts.

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