Wearable Technology Intern

Summer 2016

. . .

I was fortunate to spend Summer '18 at the Cardiac Innovation Arm of Harvard Medical School as a Wearable Technology Intern. Although most of my work is under NDA, I worked with Inertial Measurement Units (or IMU's)-- a wireless wearable device that is strapped on a patient much like arm band and tracks biomechanics (see device used in image below).



Cardiac clinics such as the Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center needed efficient and comfortable ways to monitor patients and collect biometric data.


Connect industrially developed technology to the Cardiovascular Innovation Group's research and data collection of cardiovascular metrics (EX: Blood-flow velocity, Heart rate) as well as sensing and tracking the range of motion of patients' gaits/posture in motion.


Evaluated the comfort of fit, accuracy of measurement and efficiency of data acquisition for adaptation into clinical research.


My work has been translated into the research of the connection between heart disease and gait instability; with a particular focus on Parkinson's patients.